classroom Collections

Book Collections in the Classroom provide every child with an opportunity to explore, learn and expand their interests beyond their required studies. Therefore, the books that make it on the classroom shelves may potentially have a deep impact on all children. Recognizing the power of books in a classroom setting, Bookworm Central has carefully made selections that will not only reinforce content understanding but also enrich curriculum and inspire students to develop a love for reading and independent learning throughout their lives.

   This area of our site is available to all interested educators who wish to bring the benefits of such collections into their classrooms. Our collections are offered by Grade, by Specialty and by Interest. If you would like a customized collection built by subject, theme, genre, author, level, and/or curriculum, please feel free to contact us.

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Our philosophy

We believe that good literature has the power to provoke thought, spark imagination, and shape character. It reinforces the concepts essential to civilized society: courage, compassion, integrity, goodness and gratitude. Books bring these gifts to life, helping children develop inner resources that can be drawn upon throughout their lives.


“With Bookworm as our Book Fair vendor, I know the selection of books will be high quality in every regard.In fact, I feel confident enough in this to allow Norwood Middle School students to count any book purchased at our Book Fair as part of their summer reading requirement.” Sue Gail Spring, Head Librarian, Norwood School
“Bookworm consistently offers our students an outstanding selection of quality literature. What other company previews each and every book in its collection?” Karen Kelly, St. Mary’s Catholic School, Alexandria
“We hear time and time again from parents and teachers that our fairs provide an excellent selection of quality books, both fiction and non-fiction. Valerie Van Note-Kreider, Bookfair Coordinator, Nysmith School
“The thing I appreciate most about Bookworm(besides their excellent staff and excellent responsiveness) is that we can almost customize our bookfair to suit the needs of our students, teachers and parents.” Jeanne Rucks, Wolftrap ES, Vienna VA
“Staff, parents, and students were all impressed and in awe of the quality and selection of books on offer. There was an excitement and buzz about the school all week. Children running to me with checks, reporting back to me that they had already finished the book they bought the day before, and often parents popping in more than once to purchase…. the POS system was a breeze. I trained different volunteers every two hours, each day, and it was very manageable to everyone.” Kristin Teeters, Librarian, British School of Washington